How to sleep well in hot summer night

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During this summer, it has been spent on various activities. But there is no end to suffering in the night. If you feel uncomfortable during the rest of the night and it feels hot? For this reason, due to other reasons such as sleep problems, suffering can be exacerbated. Come on, do not know how to sleep comfortably in this hot summer.

1. Before bathing, take a bath well. The touch of the water relaxes the muscles of the body, spreads in the body a comfortable amaz. Before going to bed, a comfortable bath will give you a peace sleep.

2. Wash your face thoroughly while not bathing. And wear a thin and lush dress to go to sleep.

3. Those who feel hot under the ceiling fan, they can buy a stand fan or table fan (these are very effective as an alternative to the AC). When the power goes out, open the windows. When the screen is drawn, the wind will enter the window with an open window.

4. Change bed sheets every night. The clean bed makes a sense of peace. And feel calm is like sleep. Soothing sheets are good.

5. Foam bed takes hot. So use jajim and toshak. Instead of the pillow pillow pillow pillow pillow day head. But you can also sleep on the floor, spread on the floor. If you have a little difficulty at first, you will get great comfort after practicing in a few days.

6. Use light or thin screen in the window of the house. The air circulation in the house will be good and you can also sleep in peace.

7. Those who are very tired of going to Tolkax Powder Menthol flavored powder will also provide great comfort. If you are taking ghee you will not sleep alone.

8. Take dinner several hours before dinner to eat. Do not eat anything that causes discomfort in the stomach or blood pressure may increase. Tea coffee is not good after this summer afternoon. If you want to eat warm milk or any light shark or juice.

9. Many people exercise in the evening or night. It is better not to do this in the summer. If you have to do well after bathing and change clothes.

10. In the summer, more people in a bed do not like to sleep, discomfort. Try a little sleepy. If that is not possible, then you can put a pillow of pillows between your neighbors and you.

11. If the difference between the inside and outside of your home is higher, then the hot air is stuck inside the house. In this case, use the same fan. The inside of the hot air will be out. As a result the house will be cold. Especially in the kitchen, use the same fan.

12. Drink more water. During the summer excess water will help you stay healthy and sleep comfortably.