How to teach discipline to your child

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The role of teaching discipline to build a child properly is important. And the duty to teach this discipline comes first, after the parents after the parents. Regarding the rules of the child, you need to know the rules.

► Roll yourself to the child. Follow oral rules as well as follow the rules. Much more effective. If you turn on television in the inappropriate time or chat on the phone, never expect your child to finish homework on time. Do yourself by doing time. Children will learn from you. If you want respect from your child, then you have to respect him. No matter how small a child is, and one of the most important members of the family, this feeling is awakened from his childhood. Give importance to child’s opinion. Listen to him. If his opinion is not good enough then explain to him why it can not be accepted. ‘I did not say, no,’ refrain from making such comments.

► You and your family members must act as a unit while governing the child. One made a sarcasm, another pulled out and went crazy – that would not be so. This may create a tendency to fade in someone in the child. Do not trouble yourself when you rule the child. The child must understand that the mistake is wrong. If he understands that he is wrong then both parents and children are angry.

► Do not apply a bad word to a child if you need a buck or do not talk about it compared to someone else. This reduces the child’s confidence. For example, ‘you do not have any intelligence at all,’ can not say, ‘Is this work like an intelligent son?’

► Different characteristics of each child are different. Accordingly, make your plans and application strategies. Hyper-active children will have a difference of imaginative, calm baby. And how she loves to spend time, how much importance she wants from you, she feels relaxed to read. Keep everything day-to-day routine. Make a routine of his opinion. However, keep in mind that it is not possible to make a routine once it is created.

► Do not put too much rules on kids. At least two hours back from school, they can play with friends. Encourage yourself to have some hobbies like drawing pictures, stamp collecting.

► Never rule out the rules. Before making any decision, emphasize his likes and dislikes. If you understand that decision, then acceptance of the rules will increase.

► If you see any mistake, please give a warning, then explain, then punish. Punch means not only shouting or handcuffs. For a while, stop any thing of his choice, or stop talking to him.
► Do not criticize or criticize him in front of everyone. It can get rid of his confidence. In conversation, there will be a positive indication of behavior and will be encouraged.

► Give her a small gift without any occasion, and understand that she is happy with her use and activities.

► Do not criticize or utter any other person in front of him, and he will lose his respect, he will not even learn to respect you. This disrespect will be reflected in his behavior.

► Give time to the baby, so that you can recognize each other well. Insert a healthy tone and socialization details in this time period.

► To enjoy the fun of routine breakdown, let them on a holiday or school holiday. Regardless of the rules, do not forget that the family celebrates the special day.