Hrithik wanted to spoil my career: Kangana


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Hrithik Roshan wants to ruin his career against the alleged Ranaut.

Kangana-Hrithik throws mud-chumrike Bollywood relationship is shown as an example of the worst hardship.

Hrtikake a tarakalapa at her ex-boyfriend unimportant as mentioned at the onset of tensions. However, nothing in the face but Hrithik warned kanganake sent a legal notice.

Pharstapostake Kangana said recently in an interview, “I did not say anything, but he never took proactive hrtikake-E (Hrithik Roshan), the first industry to spread dirt about me. Highlights our personal interests in front of everyone. ”

Kangana said, “Hrithik wanted to ruin my career. I thought that everyone will be small. Even Hrithik Roshan and his father threatened that my character would be unveiled to the public. But they could do nothing. I did not do anything like that in front of everyone to express. ”

Such incidents have always said that girls are guilty actress. He said, “I know that many people talk about me to say these words. What is the real truth, but eventually, it will not find one. ”

Kangana strained relationship with the patient, always in response to the comments from Hrithik was not yet available for comment.