Husband dead tragically in front of wife

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Husain Arra Hasee and Rubayet Imran, who got married this year, got married. After that, he went to Comilla town with the bride and the bank officer Rubayet. But he may not have thought that he would be gone.

On Saturday (12th August) at 12 noon, Rubayet came to the bath in Comilla’s religious place. The wife Hosnea Ara smiled on the side of the dighi. At one stage of the bath, Rubayet went under the water. The local people could not save water even after Rubayetake. Later, he was rescued dead.

Rubayet used to work in a private bank in the capital. He is the son of Khilgaon resident of Dhaka, former director of BSCIC of Comilla, Mustafizur Rahman.

Ruben’s wife Hosne Ara Hasi is an officer of the Special Security Force (SSF). Earlier, he served as Assistant Director of Ansar.

Comilla Kotwali Police Station Inspector (Operation) Rakibul Hassan said, “Hosne Ara Haseer will participate in a training program (Bird) in Bangladesh Rural Development Academy (Comilla). That is why she went to Comilla on Friday with her husband Rubayet. The couple was in the restouse of the Ansar’s own night.
On Saturday, they went to Comilla Dharmasagar in a car in Ansar around noon. That incident happened there. Local residents were jumped to hear the cry of Rubayet. But he did not return to the country yet.

After the rescue, Rubayet was taken to a local hospital where duty doctor declared him dead. Later in the evening, his body was taken to Comilla Medical College Hospital for autopsy.