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Where is the time to laugh busy life? So let’s laugh a little about four spouses related to husband and wife.


Judge: You hit the husband with a chair, why?
The accused women: Because, I could not get the table up, my lord There was so much weight … so by the chair …


Husband: You do not love me even one day …


Marriage means Marriage creates three rings – the ring of bonds. The first is an engagement ring, the second is the wading ring, and the third is the Safering!


Husband and wife are lying. The phone is ringing. Is going on At one stage, he got up and went to grab the phone. The husband said to me: If I want to say I am not at home.

The wife said to the phone: And now at home …

The husband stood up in the stern bed: What did you tell me and what you said!

Wife: That was my call …