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After the wedding, the photo evidence during the heroines of the film can no longer do. Mahi mahiya the exception. He was married in May last year, suddenly a lot; But it did not stop shooting hectic, but rather increased. One after another, the film has been completed, the contract for the new film. He encourages her to his side, Mahmoud Parvez APU. Apu’s wife, played by respected businessman by profession, career, love, I want to collaborate with mahike. That said recently APU.

Apu says, “When I met with the Mahi, I liked him ever since. Actress in real life, but he can not play, that it was from the heart. Many child, lively and agile. I like his acting in the film. I want the film to be busy. ”
Film premiere, even shooting can be seen regularly Apu. Apu on “The signing of the movie premiere or whatever, he met many people. For me it’s a totally unfamiliar environment. I do enjoy the atmosphere a lot. However, when photo shooting went to the village, the people are met. How does he behave like everyone dulabhaiyera, love. As much as I get time off work, I am with Mahi. I feel much better. ”

Produce or any other film Apu does not wish to involve himself with the work. He will be busy with his own business. Apu says, “I do not understand the film, do not want to understand some day. Mahi works, I like it. I want the film he works on a regular basis. I’m beside her husband. As far as I have time, I am entirely beside her. I do not have any thoughts about the film business. Mahi is acting out in some way. ”

Suddenly, on May 5 last year, he married actress Mahi mahiya. Landanaprabasi husband was the son of the division. Mahi returned a month after the wedding in the film. Since then, he has been working regularly in several films. Currently, Manikganj Mahi ‘Jannat’ is shooting. The film is directed by Saiful Rahman Manik. The hero of the film is starring opposite Simon Mahi.