I have learn Salat & Saom of my own by reading books

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Apu Biswas came to Live on Wednesday for the promotion of the film with the upcoming Director of Politics Picture N. S. Bulbul Biswas. Both the director and actress talked about various issues related to the politics of live politics.

Apu Biswas said, my son is my family, you also my family Because you love my son, you love my baby. Do not give me back because of my child.

Many devotees of Apu Biswas were addressing Livi as I thought. Even the majority of people in the in-laws ‘call me’ called ‘sister’ One with Shakib is a monkey named, you know everyone, he does not call me to be called ‘sister’. Besides, my other gods call my sister. I enjoy this address very well.

Ask Apu Islam or Apu Biswas to answer the question, what is there in your mind? Apu believe? Or is Apu Islam? It’s okay to call me as I do. I am Muslim now Regular prayers, keep fasting. But nobody taught me fasting and prayers. I learned to read books myself.

Apu Biswas said while talking about politics shooting the film, and do not let the sky tell … When shooting for the song, I had to climb up to the double track. The double-look that you saw in the video, but it is really nothing, there is nothing in the ground floor.

Abraham wanted to see the audience live again. In the meantime, APU has promised to give an opportunity to live in live for an hour, and at the same time, he said that the viewers of the politics are going to hit. If the picture hits, then I will meet with my fans. We will arrange a gate togather party with them.

Now the politics of Eid-e-Shakib Khan and Apu Biswas is going to be released in different theaters of the country.