I married Salman’s wife for responsibility, nothing else: Mostak

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It was reported from the family that Salman Shah’s former wife Samira Swami Mostak is living in Thailand. But in reality this information is not true. The truth is; Mostak Wise is in the country with wife. On Tuesday, some media reporters had met and talked with Mustak in Dhaka’s Gulshan area. It may be said that Samir’s husband Mostaq is facing the media for the first time.

He said that he would marry Samira from the love of Salman. Mostaq said, ‘Salman Shah is my friend. I liked him a lot. Three years after Salman’s death, I married Samira. Samira did not agree to this marriage first. Later, we got married in favor of two families.

The filmmaker Salman Shah died on September 6, 1996, mysteriously. Even after 21 years of death, the secret of this mystery has not been opened even today. The body was recovered after the dead. While playing it as a suicide, family claims were always there, Salman Shah was murdered.

Salman Shah’s wife Samira and Samir’s current husband Mostak Wise He is also Salman Shah Baladbandhu. Three years after the death of Salman Shah, Mostaque Wise married Samirake. Samira and her husband Mostak did not open their mouths in the news about Salman Shah’s death till now. Talking to Samir’s father, Samira and Mostak live in Thailand. Are still in Thailand It is not true at all.

There is a complaint of killing Salman Shah against Samir. Still, Mosta married Sameera. At that time, Samir’s rumor grew with him. Mostaq said that the question of my alien does not come with Samirah. Because Samira is my friend Salman Shah’s wife. Their profits were Marriage. Why would there be a stranger with me there?

Mostaq said, actually I married Sameera after my love for my friend. After the death of Emon (Salman Shah) Samira’s life poisoned many people. To protect him from that situation, he got married from the place of responsibility.

Two girls in Samira-Mostak’s house have a son. They are currently doing their homework.