I was never a friend of Humayun’s daughter: Shaon

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“For a long time, a rumor has been spread consciously to make our people shorter. This picture is sorted in the same way. It has been shown that a girlfriend of Humayun Ahmed’s daughter came to their house. From there to love or to love What a lie it is “Shawon, wife of late novelist Humayun Ahmed, recently spoke to him and Humayun Ahmed, in a similar way with Anandabazar.

Shawon said, in the meantime, friendship with the daughter of Humayun was far away, there was no identity. Whether or not! All our schools and colleges are different. The identification formula was song.

Humayun was very fond of Ravindra Sangit That was the place of his great shelter in the day-to-day hard work. Shawon opened the door with songs there. Or better to say, he did not open, the door was opened to you.

Since the class six, he has acted in his drama, singing and singing. If anyone in the unit knew the song, he wanted to listen to him after rehearsal. In the same way I would like to hear it many times. I could take a very quick song because of my tape recorder! Said Shaon.

The ‘tape recorder’ that began to sound uninterruptedly in the life of Humayun, Shawon did not get his exact ideas today. Occasionally, cigarette stitches used to give handicrafts. Once written by Sunil’s line- ‘Calling the eyebrows will be seen in the forest of Chandan. ‘Maybe after eating a rehearsal, I might have gone ahead and asked if I did not have anything to do. I was happy as a boy. He took a little care of a little Maya. ‘

The lack of that mayor arrived at a time? Is this creator of many immortal characters crossing a medieval life, becoming a lonely character?
In response, there was no negative answer but found Shaon.

Humayun’s first wife Gultekin did not reveal the heat. Only this said, ‘See all educated people. There has never been any discord exchange in us. Rather, I have memories of Humayun’s elder son Nuhas. We also went abroad with him. No more contact now. But I’ll wait I think, when he really grows up, we’ll see him again. ‘

What is the favorite gift from Humayun Ahmed? In this regard Shaon said, “Before marriage I did not take any expensive gift. His stone was very much. Gave a red zombie, very expensive. I did not. Then whatever he gave it is possible for him. With a big stone parchment lifted from the railway, with a few cross marks, said that there is no obstacle to take it! I fell in love with that stone. All the time, I used to go to college! Mother became my victim of my behavior. He has a story of stone named. There is a shadow of this incident in the story. ‘