If you want to be beautiful, then take bath with these things

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Appreciate beauty everywhere. So our eyes and minds all the time looking for ‘beautiful’. That is why all the girls want to be beautiful. But how to reach that goal, the one that does not have much of a dharana. Most of the beauty products in the face of beauty leads to lagalei. The idea is to prove how wrong this writing.
How beautiful is that it will be depends largely on the shower. Just heard. The body is washed away all the fatigue rules every day. Reduces stress and increases the beauty of the course. You think, where is to add beauty with bathing, do not you? Some elements, especially when mixed with water, the water bath where you can see the beauty of your reach.

What material mix? When you get the answer in writing the rest of the eye must be kept.

1. Honey
Anti-viral and anti-bacterial ingredient to beautiful skin because honey helps in many ways. So soft, springy, want to get fair skin, then take a bath every day in warm water mixed with a teaspoon of honey to 10-1. Benefits. In fact, if you take a bath in water mixed with honey to increase skin moisture. So are dry skin, and they took the great benefits of this approach.

2. Essential Oil
Essential oils that are known to all as beautiful skin, there is no alternative. So I took a bath in water mixed with oil is very beneficial. And if you do not get an Essential Oil at hand, you can use coconut oil or olive oil. A bucket of water is the amount of oil mixed with water to have a shower later.

3. Milk
The vitamins and proteins present in the skin shine. The moisture of the skin reduces the risk of various types of skin diseases. How to take a shower with milk? A bucket of warm water mixed with 1 cup of milk for 1520 minutes, then wash it with water.

4. Oats
Oatmeal baht to clean the skin from the inside is simply not an option. As long as the amount of water mixed with a few tablespoons Oats happy to take a bath. When dead skin cells that have accumulated uparianse veil is taken away. As a result, the skin becomes bright and vivid. In fact, those who are very sensitive or dry skin, mix oatmeal with water bath if they get a great benefit.

5. Salt
Common salt is used for bathing in water mixed with salt or bath salts bathim coarseness of the skin is removed. The dead skin cells and dirt washed into the stagnant uparianse skin becomes beautiful. 3, such as the amount of water mixed with a teaspoon of salt bathim to have a shower.

6. Herb
Soft, smooth skin you want to get? Every herb mixed with water, then wash. It increases blood circulation in the body. As a result, the skin to be beautiful. In fact, if you take a bath in a manner that is reinforced body along with the skin.

7. Coconut oil
As said before, if the bath water, mixed with coconut oil is very beneficial. If the day is that, if the skin is soft. Burning the skin and reduce inflammation. In fact, the skin is very dry, they bathe in water mixed with coconut oil every day if your skin’s lost moisture and come back.

8. Green tea
The heavily backed anti-oxidants, which enhance the beauty of your skin along with the hair. So if you want to be beautiful, if a little green from the start of the mixing bath water. In fact, when the stress is too much, not taking a bath with the Green Day. See the wink of stress can be reduced. If desired, place of Green Tea Mint or Lemon mixed with water to take a shower you can do. Will receive the same benefit.