If your blood group O (+ve), then you should avoid these things






‘Universal donor’ as ‘O’ group of people is a latent pride in the work. Themselves “liberal” typically attempt to substantiate.

They can do it.

Do not Take Japan. The Japanese feel, O people of the group’s personality. The blood groups are known before the job interview. So if you are O growled. A few steps from everyone else, they began egiyei. This is because, O great dayitbajnanabodha group. If any work on the shoulder, to make sure that they managed to get the will. A discipline like. Those planning to hand. Can speak honestly. Continues with the specific goal. Around environment-conscious about the situation. You can easily adapt. Whatever, the fact is feet on the ground. If emotion is not in accord with the decision irresponsible. Because of these qualities, the authorities turn a blind eye combinations O Group can rely on people. It is believed, was a skilled hunter, whose predecessor.

As a result, it is loaded, everyone can give blood, and you can take your own blood group O People say ‘unique’ is not. O group because they have some special features unique. And one thing, but the charismatic leader of men.

It was a good thing. Keep in mind that the other side, ulcers, sugar, obesity, thyroid disease can lodge in your body, like thousands. And if you do not like the body, can not do anything. So important to keep yourself fitter. The diet should be stressed.

Coffee not chumlei like alcohol, it is the equivalent of poison

If your blood group O, we should stay away from caffeine and alcohol. Because, O group of people ayadrenalina hormone levels are already higher than other groups. After the body of caffeine (coffee, the national drink) increases the ayadrenalina too much.

Remember, your blood group O means you haiparaayakatibha. Imapalasibhao. Especially when you are in stress. In such circumstances, you can easily lose temper. And if the diet is unhealthy, if not in words. That, twelve metabolic process. Thyroid problems can suffer digestive disorders there. Even if the possibility of a problem with insulin. In the presence of excess acid in the stomach ulcer strong possibility. In addition to the rapid increase in weight if you eat daoyaya a virtually infinite funding. O If you are a person of the group, at least three to four times a day to keep the body up even a little exercise.