Importance of Kabin






According to Muslim family law, marriage is an important document for registration or Kabinanama groom and bride. Kabinanama without registration or marriage becomes difficult to prove. As a result, women are the most likely to be cheated. Dower, maintenance, determining inheritance, guardianship, etc., the demand for child marriage or marriage registration trial court Kabinanama is considered a legal document. Moreover, the importance of family and social life Kabinanama. Kabinanamaya age are especially likely to mention the possible rodhao matrimony.
This is the future of the legal rights of married children, both reserves. From both sides of the marriage at any time, there can be complications, the letter serves as proof Kabinanama. Nibandhanabihina wedding because many women as abused, assaulted, and her husband’s rights, property inheritance, the children were deprived of parental rights. Many men and women in the absence of marriage registration or Kabinanama attack.

Therefore rastriyabhabei marriage registration program has been essential. Registration in the Register Book barakanera full data set is stored. The state is to protect the rights of both husband and wife. Bride price, although the marriage is required. Bride price is still a part of the wedding. Bride price is married but the marriage was valid. A marriage can be lived with. In Islam, there is no problem in this regard. For Muslim men and women in accordance with the provisions of the Common marriage registration is very important.

Because the state has nirdhaarita Muslim Marriage Act. And at the wedding Bride price is nibandhanakei. And he will carry out the registration of the common language is called Kaji. Each country, each union, each municipality oyardei determined by the government are involved in a separate Qazi or the person in charge of the registration of marriage. After the religious ceremony, the bride and groom in the wedding and marriage Marriage registration information (Balaam) was recorded in the book.

Kazi groom during the marriage registration kanesaha wedding witnesses, the groom and bride parent, that marriage has taught all of their names and signatures. Dower determined how much of the information was added during the wedding. The bride and groom marriage registration were recorded all the information the database. Both men and women, which acts as a talisman to protect the social safety net. Bride price mechanism to protect women’s rights and safety in the most need. After marriage, husband and wife both work in Bride price fraud trap enough to survive. After the death of her husband to his wife about the marriage registration or Bride price is very important for the succession. Especially those employed in the public service, women or men; Bride price is very important for both.

As well as isolated cases of divorce, marriage and family ties to the registration or more Bride price. The registration on the basis of a judgment relating to divorce, is determined. Both husband and wife as well as the court of judicial proceedings in order to ensure the rights of marriage registration Bride price or information is required. Which is a necessary proof for husband and wife. So the groom and bride’s personal, family and social life, the importance of peace and co-existence and authenticity nirupane kabinera too. Each country should be aware of individuals and families during the wedding the groom and bride security benefits, civil rights and the fulfillment of the marriage registration (Bride price) of nicely done.