International Gold Price Reduced Again






Gold and silver prices in the international market. The dollar exchange rate increased by reducing the cost of the product a day before the European Central Bank (ECB) bond purchases on Thursday after the announcement of the decision to minimize the precious metals market was down again.

Edinakara reducing the cost of destabilizing the gold market can not be called at all. Because of fluctuations in commodity prices throughout the trading day a little. Soon after the announcement of the ECB bond-buying program to compress the euro exchange rate against the dollar rose. As a result, the market vary directly with the US dollar in terms of the relationship between the price of the product becomes lower. At present, the United States Federal Reserve (Fed) decision to increase interest rates ahead of the Treasury Yield fluctuations in the dollar exchange rate and the strong focus on keeping business.
The New York Commodity Exchange (komeksa) on Thursday, the price of gold contract for February delivery fell 10 cents to $ 5 ounce. The market here is still 17 thousand dollars, 40 cents per ounce 1. Percent of the total product turnover rate of 4 percent fall throughout the day. Earlier, the World Gold Council (dabliujisi) sariyahasammata gold standard in terms of policy announcement on Wednesday, the market price of the product increased by 6 percent. The March contract for supply of komekse ounce silver price fell by almost 18 cents. Under the latest agreement on selling the product to stand down 9 cents to $ 17 per ounce. At the end of the fall rate stood at 1 per cent of the total product.

Earlier Wednesday, the market price of silver rose two percent to 8 percent. Analainabhittika international trade organization of the market situation Thursday thinkamarketasera major market analyst Naeem Aslam said, at the moment, but it’s the gold darabrddhira the possibility of becoming a major cause of lower interest rates Fade growth potential. Fade to take a decision on the matter this week. He said, however, that the Fed interest rate behalf of the collapse of the gold market, and it would not matter. The most important information for the market at the moment, the 017 will be able to raise interest rates in the Fed just kayadaphaya.