Is Broiler Chicken Harmful for Health

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How big is the brayelara muragidera, it is not at all correct method. Above all, do not bother with proper scientific procedure is done without brida, which had a direct impact on our body. So what would be found in meat and fat than chicken, the result will be higher. This greed is the muragidera fat is not healthy at all.

Let us know what may be harmful due to the broiler chickens:
1. Raw meat contains large amounts of bacteria. How many chickens are kept with one of the stores in the two-o’clock harmful bacteria that enter the body also is not unusual. And that does not happen, he said no one could say for sure? Not only that, when the chicken is still alive cut raw chicken meat from the body of the bacteria is likely to move. The bacteria enter the body if we do not protect it.

II. When you are given an injection of antibiotics in broiler polatrite muragidera. As a result of eating too much chicken for such a body is likely to be made rejijatensa antibiotics.

3. Some experts, such as excessive consumption of broiler chickens bad cholesterol levels in the blood increase the risk of cancer increases with. However, so far there is no evidence to support this argument.

4. How big is muragidera said broiler or meta in order to follow paddhita are not scientific at all. In the case of a number of chemicals in the body that is inserted into the body, which can increase the risk of a variety of complex diseases.

5. Chicken broiler consumption increases the risk of food poisoning. Nearly 67 percent of the broiler chicken’s body was found with multiple gabesanaya E-coli bacteria, which is not good for our body, but by no means.