Jacqueline Mithila Suicide For Anger With Husband

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Mithila jyakalina model committed suicide. He committed suicide after a quarrel with her husband as the father of Mithila Islam of Chittagong port police officer said Bauman. But, Islam said, adding that he was married. Utpal Roy, her husband’s name. They would often quarrel. He committed suicide after a quarrel with him.

His father has filed the police station. After an autopsy the body was burning pyre.
On Tuesday evening, the father Swapan Kumar Shil said Mithila, Mithila jyakalina on February 3, her daughter committed suicide by hanging. Before she took sleeping pills.

Sunny Leone explicit images posted on Facebook and claimed himself to be the Facebook wall into the suicide of the model is available in two status. 11pm on January 49 to 30 minutes. He wrote, tomorrow I’ll commit suicide. No one has rejected me. I did not reject anyone. But I’ll commit suicide.