Japanese secret of attractive figure and long life

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Comparatively, the Japanese are long-term. Not only that, Japanese skin is more beautiful and tender than people of other countries. Even the fat in the body is not found anywhere! Their lifestyle is behind their good health. Japaneseers follow some rules that help them get beautiful skin and interesting figure.

1. Get Green Tea

Green tea contains plenty of anti-oxidants. It does not only help in the fight, but also helps to reduce the weight of the skin by increasing the skin’s brightness. Japanese people drink at least one to two cups of green tea every day.

2. Cuisine likes

They like to eat chicken meat, prefer to drink more than red meat. They like to eat salmon, tuna and marine shrimp. Marine fish contain plenty of protein and omega three fatty acids.

3. Fermented Food

Japanis eat fermented foods such as kimchi, tempe, misso, succrout, kompacha and cepher etc. There are plenty of enzymes, vitamins and probiotics. Which creates healthy bacteria inside the intestine.

4. Walking

Various studies have shown that Japanese people like to walk. They walk regularly. Walking helps reduce stress and keep them slim.

5. Martial arts

Japanese men and women both martial arts such as jodo, karate, aikido, practice regularly. Martial Arts makes their body strong. Their tolerance is much more.

6. Eat in small quantities

The Japanese do not consume more than one meal. They consume a small amount of food. Which helps control the weight by keeping the amount of calories less.

7. Meditation

There is no pair of meditation to overcome all anxieties and to get a healthy life. Meditation is a significant part of Japanese life. Women, men, young and old people practice meditation.