Jokes: Hotel bill of Mantu’s father

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Montu has visited a neighboring country to invite his friend to a friend. But the ‘friend’s’ address was fake. In the crisis, one day in the hotel, the next day, the way of returning to the country. I’m so sorry But by the departure of the hotel manager, the bill showed that the sky fell head over the head;

Manager smiled: Hello Sir, tell me what else can you do?

Montu’s father: Neither do we need to, we are returning to our country. Tell me how much is your bill?

Manager: Only 500 dollars, sir.

Montu’s father: So, one room for a night – 500 dollars? This is a rahajani …

Manager: Siri Sir, you are not a respected guest, do not say so. Actually it’s a five star hotel. You may notice …
Montu’s father: We only spent a night, what’s the fifth Star-Seven star here? And in the fifth season, this bill is much more than this bill.

Manager: What is said by Sir – Jim, Theater, Swimingpool, Casino, Massage, Sanaa, Spa, Tennis Court- even to golf course we have! That’s the cost of the dollar … grandfather is nothing!

Montu: But we did not use any of these!

Manager: It was irrelevant Sir, if you could, you could. There was a whole time of yours! Was not there, say?

Montu Papa: Okay, take this.

Manager: But sir, here only a hundred dollars!

Montur Bap: I know. Keep it. I have cut the remaining 400 dollars of bill.

Manager: I mean! Cut off, grandfather! but why?

Montur Bap: To love you with my wife!

Manager: What is he saying, sir! I love your wife next time, until you do not look at her …

Montu: It’s irrelevant, you could have done it! That’s why you had a whole night at your hand. Well, let’s go, Nice!

The manager crumbled on the counters and lost sense …