Kangana Ranaut didn’t get real love in her life






Bollywood ‘Queen’ as he was known. Purechena holds several national awards in his career so far.
But the controversial actress Kangana Ranaut personal life. Actor Hrithik Roshan with love, loss, and the complaint has been filed.

Confide in a ceremony in New Delhi, he said. He shoveled find true love forever. But love, rather than just being humiliated.

Lived in a village in the mountains. I was brave but simple in nature. There was jedao. The picture looks a little old man, fell in love with. Just for the mountains, the sea, crossing the desert. Dreams could touch. Tarabharti feet under the sky was filled with loved ones. Said he loves me. I’m like a common girl and five. There is a different psyche. But the harsh reality of the dream toothless.

Tejera man hid his face in front of my fear. I could not tolerate the use of so ruthless. Showed himself strong in front of everyone, was broken inside.

Some of my writing personal letters were brought to the public. I did not feel myself naked in front of everyone. How many nights and just cried and shut the door. People used to make fun of me. The answer did not turn imitate. It took herself. There is now no regrets.