Know the height of child according to parents size

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All parents are concerned about the child’s physical structure. How long will the child? The idea of ​​this is the most. Researchers say a lot about how food chefs are eating them. But mathematicians now find a simple figure that can be known beforehand how long your son or daughter will be.

Researchers believe that this calculation will not be accepted by the last word, but it seems to be more or less the same. They are working on it for almost 50 years. And on the basis of that a formula was found out. So let’s see if that simple formula.

In the case of boys, the father is able to add the height of the mother and add 5 inches to her. Now share it with two. It can be said that your son will get this height when he is full grown.

And for women, the calculations are very similar. In this case, parents have to subtract 5 inches from the total height. And he has to divide it by two.

However, the researchers say that this is not the last word, but actually taking nutrition, living environment can vary due to these differences.

Let’s talk about another common formula. In this method, the height of its childhood will be twice the height of a child’s child in his two years of age. And for women, this size should be taken at the age of 18 months.

David Ravine, professor of Western Australian Institute for Medical Research, said that the growth of the children is particularly related to their pre-genetic genes as they grow taller. And its relationship with parents’ height is highest.