Know your health condition with tongue-spoon test

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This test must be done in an empty stomach just after sleeping. Water can not be eaten. So take a look at this simple test method with spoon-

1. A tea-spoon will rub on his tongue with a few drops. So that the spoon is completely wiped red.
2. Put it in a plastic bag and keep it in the sunlight.
3. After 1 minute take out the spoon from the plastic bag.

4. If there is no smell or any scars after drying the saliva, then know that the inside of your body is absolutely fine.
5. If the stomach is very bad, then there will be lung problems.
6. Kidney problems may arise if there is a smell like ammonia.
7. The likelihood of your diabetes if you have a sweet or a smell like a fruit.
8. White spots in the skin may be the result of respiratory infection.

9. There may be problems in blood circulation if there is a purple stain. If the blood cholesterol level is too high or the amount of oxygen in the blood is reduced.
10. There may be problems with thyroid gland if yellowish stains.
11. And if the stain contains orange color then you can suffer from kidney problems. Because of kidney problems, the carotenoid-like substances are being stored in the blood. This results in orange-colored spots.