Lau Kheer Recipe (with video)





Lau 500 Gm (Grated)
Milk 1 Litre
Ghee 3 Tbsp
Sugar 1 Cup
Bay Leaf 2 Pcs
Cardamom 4Pcs
Cashew nut 8-10 Pcs
Raisins 15-20 Pcs
Almonds for Garnishing

Heat ghee in a kadhai, add bay leaf, grated lau and stir fry for some time.
Add milk and let it boil, then add cardamom and boil them on slow flame.
When the lau is cooked then add sugar, cashew nut, raisins and mix it properly and boil.
When the payesh becomes thick then remove from flame.
Let the payesh cool down and serve garnished with chopped almonds.