Notice issued to remove Nusrat Faria’s item song


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A lawyer who recently sent a legal notice to release ‘Allah Allah’ on the release of Youtube. In the next three days, the legal notice to the Supreme Court lawyer Azizul Bashar to remove the song from YouTube was sent to 7 people by lawyers Advocate Hosjatul Islam.

The seven recipients of legal notice are Jazz Multimedia, Chairman of Film Censor Board, Inspector General of Police, Managing Director and President of Bangladesh Film Development Corporation, Secretary of the Ministry of Culture and Information Secretary of the Ministry of Information. Advocate Hozjatul Islam confirmed the incident.

Hozjatul Islam said that the song has been hurt by the religious sentiments of the Muslims and using the name of Allah is rendered vulgar.

When contacted by Jazz Multimedia executive officer Alimullah Khokan, he said, “Our chairman (Abdul Aziz) is currently staying in Germany. I do not want to say anything about this song. I do not know whether the notice got our chairman or not, but I did not get any notice as CEO.

Khokon further said, “Before going, our chairman said that legal notice is going on in legal matter, his personal lawyer is watching.”