Lemon in the bed at night, see the fantastic result






The question of can you drink lemon water before bed really should be viewed as whether or not you should drink this beverage before bedtime. If you suffer from common ailments like constipation, sinus congestion, frequent sore throats, or even blotchy skin, you can benefit greatly by counting a cup of warm lemon water as part of your nightly bedtime routine. Lemons offer you many of the remedies you need to overcome these conditions without causing you to overdose or suffer other ill side effects. You can wake up feeling renewed and ready to make the most out of your day by adding this beverage to your nightly routine.

In fact, people who are fans of warm lemon water drink this nighttime beverage to detox their bodies overnight. Throughout the day, you may not adhere to the best diet. You likewise may be exposed to toxins that, if not removed promptly from your body, could make you sick. Contaminants are found in drinking water, the ground, and even in the air you breathe. When you want to detoxify your body with an affordable and all-natural approach, you can start the process by drinking a mug of warm lemon water each night.

Likewise, if you often wake up with a sore throat or congested sinuses, you can give your body’s immune system a boost by drinking in a nightly cup of Vitamin C enriched lemon water. The Vitamin C in the water will have time to bind to the infections in your blood and speed up with these agents’ removal from your body. As you sleep, your immune system will work better because you gave yourself this extra injection of Vitamin C that it needs to keep you healthy and fight of cold and flu viruses that will make you sick1.

Drinking Hot Lemon Water Before Bed?

If you are not in the habit of drinking anything before bedtime, it may seem strange at first to drink warm lemon water each night. You may not particularly enjoy the flavor and you may fear that you will have to use the restroom during the middle of the night. It is true that the water may at first seem to taste odd. However, you can tame the tart flavor by adding honey or mint to your lemon drink. Likewise, once your body gets used to you drinking this beverage each night, the urge to use the bathroom in the middle of the night should subside.

You also may not be so eager to make this drink for yourself each night. You might rather watch TV or enjoy some other hobby before turning in for the evening. Fortunately, this drink does not take long to make and can actually be made in large batches. Warm lemon water is made by simply adding lemon juice to hot water. You can stir it to blend the juice into the water or drink it without stirring, whichever you prefer. However, if you prefer to make large quantities of it to heat up later, you can boil lemon halves in water and then pour the water into Mason jars.

The Mason jars can be stored safely in your fridge until you are ready to make yourself a cup before bedtime. In fact, you do not have to boil the water again or even put the beverage in a pan to heat up on the stove. As long as you have a microwave safe cup available, you can heat up your lemon water in the microwave. This heating option will not damage its beneficial amounts of minerals, vitamins, or fiber.

Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water Before Bed?

The primary benefits of drinking lemon water prior to going to bed come from the vitamins, minerals, and fiber that you consume when you drink this beverage. It would be fair to say that you more than likely will not find the amount of healthy components in any other food or drink. If you have been wondering what you should do to improve your overall wellness, you can take care of this concern by drinking a mug of hot lemon water each night before you go to bed.

You may also be able to avoid taking a multivitamin, taking special medications, and seeing a doctor for expensive medical tests and treatments for ailments like constipation, congestion, heartburn, and more. Lemon water has few, if any calories and therefore will not make you gain weight or suffer ill effects like high blood sugar. Even more, you cannot overdose on drinking lemon water for health reasons.

With health care costs rising in this country, you may be interested in using all-natural remedies for your wellness concerns. Rather than use harsh over-the-counter medications or investing in expensive creams, lotions, and ointments, you can give your body the beneficial boost it needs to stay healthy by drinking warm water with lemon each night before going to bed.