Less sleep kills your brain

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A recent study suggests that if the lack of sleep is too much, the brain itself will eat itself. This means that cells that destroy the cells of brain cells become more active.

There is no sleeping option to keep the brain active – we know it. The harmful substances stored throughout the day are clean when we are asleep. The brain can function properly after it gets out of sleep.

A part of this work to keep the brain clean is the microglia cell, which cleanses the nervous system waste, tired and dead cells. Another type of cell, Astrosite works together with the brain. One of the many tasks of this is to truncate the unnecessary synapses of the brain.

The study, published in the neuroscience journal, examined four groups of rats. The first team is allowed to sleep as usual. The second group was raised in a timely manner. The third party was kept awake for an additional eight hours. The fourth group was kept alive for five days.

AstroSite was active in the brain of resting sleeping mice, in 6 percent of the senapasses. Astrosighting was active in 8-percent sleepy eight-hour sleepy samurai. Astrosite was active in 13.5 percent of the sineaps in the sleeping mice for 5 days. It means that the absence of sleep became more active in the atmosphere of astrosite cells.

“We have been able to show the first time such as abstaining from some parts of the synapse to sleep,” said NeuroScientist Michael Bellessi of the research. But they did not make sure that the process was beneficial or worse during the lack of sleep.

But the matter that worries me more anxiety is the program of microglia. They are active due to excessive sleep deficiency. Alzheimer’s and brain disorders can lead to other diseases.

Researchers wrote that “excessive sleep defines microglia cells and inspires them into phagocytic (eating cell waste), without any major signs of neuroinflamation. This implies that sleep deprivation affects microglia and makes the brain sensitive to other problems. ”

The most complex organs, the brain is constantly developing itself, being strong and going through the breakdown. This is an infinite process, where some structures break down and something new is created. More research on this can be understood from the fact that the activity of this astrosite and microglia really influences the brain. But not enough sleep until it is safe enough.