Lips care for dry winter






1. First, the body must provide the nutrients from the lip. Like the body, the skin needs to haidresana thomterao.
That should be enough water in the body. Do not let the winter alasataya reduce water consumption. The amount of water, eat fruits and vegetables stay. The lips have already mayescarasamrddha.

2. Use petroleum jelly is nothing new. This lip color is pink and tender. Use it regularly. However, the use of quality petroleum jelly.

3. Or go out on the lips before adding to Protect SPF formula. But as the skin lips. Dry lips become dry winter season. Do not lose your mind on the use of SPF wet lips.

4. One of the great things glycerine burst lip. It is also the most widely used instrument skin burst. Glycerin can be applied around the eyes and lips.

5. If burst lips, but was careful to use matte lipstick. Krimapurna and put lipstick instead of the more slippery. The lips will look in winter.

6. During the day, choose butter share. It contains SPF. Share your lips instant nutrition Butter unique material.

7. Coconut oil every day can put the whole winter lips. Do not ever come to feeling itchy. There’s another use. Nabhimule use coconut oil. But to be able to hold moisture to the lips.

8. Vitamin E is a leap, use the left. It is a great source of anti-oxidants. Beauty Lip increase vitamin-rich leap i left work quite well.

9. Bursting lip care honey and sugar mixture works like magic. It is a nutritious way to the lip care. It will be on the lips soft and smooth.