Lose Weight with Eggplant and Lemon Water

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Worried about the extra weight? Reduced intake, sweating in the gym. Still, not having anything to do with work? All right, but did try the eggplant?

I understand that was a surprise? What do you think eggplant with being thin? There laugh. Kolkata, this time the media report, eggplant soaking water, eat regularly, and see how your weight loss magic. Eggplant water “mirakyala oyatarao is called. Not only lose weight, this water Boost your energy level up.

There are a lot of purple nutrient. As well as the calorie count low. So eggplant to make healthy without fat. Dayabitikadera as well as fiber and purple eggplant. Kanastipesanera eggplant water on a regular basis, but the problem is extremely beneficial for you.

Know how to make eggplant water:

A medium-sized eggplant, wash well and cut into wheel (khosasuddha). Arrange eggplant pieces in a row in a glass jar. Pour one liter of water. Majhapi full-sized lemons squeezed juice in a mixed day. Mix well with a spoon all night and keep in refrigerator.

The next day, breakfast, lunch, dinner and a cup of water before Khan. Eat a cup of water throughout the day. In another couple of weeks to get results. Do not rely on the benefit in getting more green than purple rely begunei. Purple ranjakatii particularly beneficial to reduce weight.