Love affair – old times and now

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Over time, the type of love, the story has changed in everything. There is a great difference between the love of the singles in love with the love of the singles. Let’s know some of its samples.

1. In the time the love was ‘hidden’. Knowing someone became ‘news’!
Love is always open at once. Without talking to friends of friends, it becomes ‘news’!

2. In the time when someone fell in love, it would have been a rare opportunity to say. It was seen before, boyfriend or girlfriend has been married!
If someone falls in love with someone, it is said to be dhumdham.

3. It took a lot of time for love between the two. After saying the choice of ‘I like you’ to the people, maybe to wait a few months to hear the answer to the next meeting!
At this time love is a one-touch theme! It was good, I said, it happened!

4. At that time the love was very deep. Lovers and lovers would be weeping when there was a break for some reason.
At this time love is a thunderous! If you are playing chhanka, fall in search of new people, there is no time to cry!

5. In the meantime, I had to wait patiently to write love letters.
Simultaneously, in reply to the Inbox on Facebook as ‘LaBuyu Jan’! Whether it is eating blocks, or in response to ‘m to jan’!

6. At that time the lovers’ lover had nothing to say ‘flat linen’.
At this time most of the boyfriend-lady knows about ‘linen flat’!

7. In the meantime lovers did not have the fear of ‘Where to get money’! Because at that time, going to dating a girlfriend, feeding at the restaurant, giving expensive gift-all these were nothing.

Ekalera lover only ‘Where to get the money’ thought approached! Because of dating, feeding, and giving gifts to the boy is obligatory in this era!

8. In the moment, love was in sight.
I love Facebook inbox!

9. Late lovers of the era did not have any fear of leaking.
Boyfriend lovers alone fear the screenshot leaked!

10. At that time parents and children were afraid, if the child would love!
In this time, instead of loving the child, instead of fear, mother-father! They think, my child is okay!