Mahi Apu is on 2nd Honeymoon at Indonesia


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All the evidence on the sidelines of shooting the film went on our honeymoon dbitayabarera top stars like Mahi mahiya. The honeymoon took place in Bali dbipake. Mahi In this regard, the APU to me as a gift on Valentine’s Day this year has Hanimunata.

‘Paradise’ busy with the shooting of this year’s Valentine’s Day is not the way to celebrate. I love the island of Bali have udayapanei. The next two will be back in February. The local business on May 5 last year, Pervez Mahmud Apu Mahi married. Then in September, the first time the United States went on our honeymoon.

Mahi film career after marriage did not decline. He is currently acting in ‘Jannat’, ‘Love stopping’, ‘golapatalira Kajal, the paintings.
In contrast to Kolkata soon sohamera Versatile media also produced “autopsy” was the name of a film will start shooting. He has played in each of the names.