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April came back around the year. Bengali New Year to welcome the souls of the fair, giving priority to the red-and-white garb turn. Starting from the shopping streets, the crowd at the mall. For the April festival of Bengali life. Panta fish, red, white and gold, and a new self panjabite everyone gets back. The new colorful cushions can be seen in women in their saris. Beautiful Girls’ dress in gold on the day of the festival did not clothe himself in a different way to do it! How to make yourself attractive to remain so during the whole report.

There is a beauty of its own. Cosmetics should be keeping the individuality. The key is to make yourself attractive makeup. According to beauty expert Kaniz Almas Khan, makeup is a matter that has changed with time. Makeup to cover the face of many possible defect. Just a little touch-up is required. Which will help to enhance your beauty. However, depending on a variety of cosmetics to use efficiently. So in some way to give. And make you a more attractive light.
The programs, the program first started in the morning. Natural light and would like to see dressed. During the day, dressed like than not. The weather should be kept in mind.

The night before, according to the makeup of your facial skin type it. And if that is not possible with a face like a mild phesaoyasa wash towel to remove the light. If you do not sit on the skin feeling oily face makeup. Tbakei you can put on any makeup. However, the important thing is belgandim makeup. Take the toner tones the facial skin. Moisturizer and apply to face. Wait 5 minutes to apply sunscreen or foundation. The base is the makeup is better to wait a bit. The transalusana powder or powder puff pink shade to phesa. The need to put in a little more powder. Then spray a little water in it. Powder and mix well with your skin. When mixed properly, the skin will be nice to see. And I will not feel much makeup. It would seem that your real skin. If you will not be afraid to sweat sprayed water all day long. The highlight cikabona with balgasana. It is close to your skin color light balgasana. Balgasana dark blond girls, such as red, maroon, pink balgasana; And for those whose skin color is pressed, they can put balgasana brown.

Eye harness:
It is possible to harness the eyes can give. Gold-colored dress or combined with the color of the shadow can be together. Here’s an interesting strategy are: the eyes, the eyes of the middle part of the day a little lighter color. Stick to the corner portion and the upper portion of dark eye shadow and apply soft gold. However, the shape of the eyes to keep watch over. Apply the eye shadow is interesting to see the shape. Eye Shadow Bend the part of the well when the heat. The mascara. If you want more natural look with makeup, Brown eye shadow outline can do without. Kajal eye on the bottom line of the page. Kajol is why we can not spread the dark eye shadow on the day manca.

Lip harness:
If the defect can not be to make myself interesting. The lip sajao important. Trendy red lipstick is now underway. Hypothesis is more dominated by gold or red dress. It is a color that everyone can use. So you can wear red lipstick. According to the shape of the lips should be of nice to outline drawing. Then apply lipstick. And if you want to look casual, natural colors you can choose. A little touch of lipstick and powder puff and put lipstick on that day. If your lipstick is beautiful.

If your hair is straight hair you can keep open. And if you’re out for the day, you can bun. You can also benio ekasaide styled. Whatever hair style flower hair without special day is impossible. Bun, or would like to hoka binunii flowers. Beni their hair long as they are tall, with short hair and they tarsela by beni with a green rose, marigold, gajara, belly, or you can put a garland of jasmine. You can bring your dressed fragrant perfection.

So all the remains tipatai or why! After a round tip can bring fulfillment dressed. Since April, so if you can brush your forehead with a light design fit both tipao.

You may lose some of the beauty of summer sweat. Makeup melted. So keep your handbags and cosmetics are worth something. Tissue paper, sanagalgasa, umbrellas and water bottles should be out.
Notwithstanding changes phyasanai as we Bengalis during the whole manifest themselves in a variety of domestic dressed glitz. Let boil their heritage. And to maintain our heritage and this summer abhijatyake quality clothing and dressed himself in the first day of the New Year dressed in a variety of color make it.