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The time to enjoy the whole summer mango. Delicious rice mango or mango Anything that I like to eat, it is also beneficial for the body. But if you are pregnant, then you have to adhere to some alarms about eating mango. While eating mango is very nutritious at this time, there are some risks. Find out how to be careful mango.

Mango contains iron which helps increase the level of hemoglobin in the blood, Vitamin C helps keep eyesight and Vitamin C increases the immunity of the body by dealing with free radicals in the blood. Potassium maintains fluid balance in the body and helps fiber digestion. In addition to this, the mango has many other qualities. Seasonal quantity of sugar is higher than other fruits. To have more calories, it is very important to eat mango in the third stage of pregnancy. This time more energy is needed.

Mango is very nutritious during pregnancy. But sometimes calcium carbide is given to mango. Which can be risky during pregnancy. If you have been diagnosed with genital diabetes or pregnancy then it is best to avoid me. Diarrhea can not be taken in a moderate amount. Which can suffer from dehydration.

How to eat
Mango is rolled with chemicals. So wash it very well before eating. Exfoliate the peas and do not eat mango shells directly from the mouth. If it is best to buy mango, you can cook it at home. If there is less chance of having the chemical. After kneading a seasoned mango, wash the knife, wash your hands well. Smoothies, juice or amar do not mix more sugar to make a dessert.