Marriage Lines: See just how much your hands can say






The marriage line are located near the side of the hand, under the pinky finger. They are horizontal lines that are usually harder to spot than the longer and deeper lines running through the center of the palm. The relative depth of the line is the distinction between romances and marriages, while lines closer to the finger indicate that the marriage is later in life. A fork towards the side of the hand indicates a long engagement, while a fork in the palm (or a break anywhere in the line) indicates a potential separation.

Is your marriage line going upwards?

The more risen your marriage line, the happier you are. You won’t have to worry about marriage, you will have the good one. You will be able to have (or “already have”) the family that smiles won’t extinct.Even if you are currently single, you will have the marriage life that you dreamt about in the future. You will feel loved as much as you love somebody. If your partner have this line, don’t let him/her go! Your partner will lead you to the perfect marriage. If you are already married and have this line, you are giving great atmosphere in your home.

Is your marriage line going downwards?

The more declining your marriage line is, the less positive you are about marriage. Or you know you have problems in marriage.

To singles, you are not believing in marriage. Or you are broken hearted, you can’t be positive about love right now.

If you are already married, this is a sign for you to take another look about your relationship you’re your partner. Have the time to discuss if your relationship is going ok with your partner. Try to respect your partner’s opinions during the discussion too.

Goes way down to cut your heart line You may already have big hole in your marriage. If you are single and have this line, you really don’t believe in marriage.

Long and crossed with vertical line under your ring finger You will manage to make a brilliant marriage with wealthy man or woman. You will be rich by marriage.
Even though your partner is not currently rich, you will get wealthy together in the future. Or by marriage, your career luck will go sky high.