Marriage of 2016






►► held in the first week, I got married and Anika ventricle Alamgir Kabir hobby. They were married on January 7 at Dhaka’s parlor.

Nadia married and Naeem ►► 16 January. Gulshan Club is their post-nuptial reception. This is the second wife Nadia. 008 was his marriage to model-actor Monir Khan Shimul. In 015 of them are divorced.

►► 1 April married model-actress isika Khan. Moulvibazar pot Kaiser Khan in the UK.

►► 7 April, he married the daughter of filmmaker Ashutosh Discounts and poet Nirmalendu quality of soil quality.

He married actress Mahi mahiya ►► 1 May. APU local businessman Mahmud Parvez pot. May 5 is the Senakunja their post-nuptial reception.

►► 11, married in June, “bapajanera Bioscope ‘fame actress Sanjida absorbed. Dr. Bonnie pot erasadura receipt of a UK NGO official.

►► 7 July, the family was married to actress and filmmaker Enamul Karim cascade op Karim. This is the third marriage for both.

Marjan married actress Jennifer sits on Jul 9 ►►. This year ‘journey’ through the film is his film debut. Jubair Alam, was married to the film’s producer.

►► 5 August and is married to singer-songwriter-musician Sirajum Munir Hussain Lopa news reader.

►► based singer got married on September 1, Monir konala somanura. Zia Manzur Kader pot journalist by profession. They were married in the presence of two family members konalera Mohammadpur residence.

►► married model-actress Shaila Sabin on September 3. Shabbir Ahmed pot businessman by profession. Mirpur is a restaurant of their wedding. After marriage, the name was changed Shaila Ahmed.

Rakib was married to the singer mosabbira ►► 9 December. Swarna Bhairava bride Maria Yasmin.

►► 16 December was leaked to the news of the wedding singer anuseha anadilera. The idea being, the same day he was married. Bloomberg pandurana pot, musician, Michigan. Pandurana anuseha and are working together for a long time. This is the second marriage anusehara. The singer was married bunoke.

►► December Nafisa Kamal’s fans jhumur married model-actress. Syed Asif Hussain pot of North South University lecturer in the Department of Accounting. Their identity through Facebook.