Married in stubbornness, divorced also in that!

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Actress Sarika and hobby Both of them start their career in near times Started in 2006. In the very short time they took notice of all the time. Meanwhile, while working at the showbiz, the identity of the hobby and the scam There is a very good friendship at a time, among them. The quality of the day goes beyond the day!

But after a while they then became competing with each other. Everything comes in their heads. Though the events are limited to their work for a long time, then the issues also affect their individuality.

After the news of the break-up of the latest hobby-neil broke out, the matter came back again. Many people said after separation from the divorce, they have persisted in marriage and persisted in the separation!

Meanwhile, Sara started modeling in 2006 and has been in action since 2010. But suddenly in April 2013 he announced to step out of drama and modeling. He did not stand in front of the camera for a long time. Since the beginning of the career, there are many debates about model-actress Saraika.

There are countless complaints against him, including inappropriate behavior, lack of indecision, scheduling, scandal with multiple actors. Even then the spectators saw him with a good eyesight. He then decided to become a full-fledged wife after marrying.

On 11-11-11, she was supposed to be married to model-actor Nirob. But due to the inevitability of the marriage, the marriage was finally broken. After that Sarika fell mentally. But denied the breakup of love.

After a long time, on 12th August 2014, Sarika married businessman Mahim. Besides, in the year 2016, in the drama of the Eid-ul-Qurbani, there is a rivalry between the actress and the actress. At one stage, the popular model model became separated from her husband Mahim.

And he did not ignore the issue. He is in love with the model-actor Nilay, who is involved in the love of her husband.

And on the night of January 7, 2016, suddenly, the marriage ceremony was completed. Meanwhile, on July 28, after the long buzz, news on Priyomok was published – “So what was the break-up of the family of Shok-Nilai?” And after that many criticized the issue.

Some people blur the issue as a false news. But it is true that the news published on is true. Niloy-Shah started the formal process of divorce And on July 17, the actor confirmed that Niloy Alamgir himself.