Messi’s marriage date fixed






They love doing for a long time. And from an early age.

Both crops has been a long two children love. The Argentine superstar has become necessary to define social bonding. Messi had spread rumors of marriage for quite a while. It was just a rough day! However, the next will begin to live under the same roof, the official birthday of preyasike Barca star!

However, he will have to wait for more than 6 months Messi fans. Messi’s birthday on June 4 of the same. No, they have to get married on the island, do not rent hotels or ships, with the first lady met Places rojariotei rokujjora they should hand in hand.

Rokujjora Messi met in Rosario, Argentina. He moved to Barcelona after Messi from Argentina is a lack of communication between the two. However, this separation has not forgotten anyone. So, once again, one of the two was 008. Not just one, love the house and started living with one person Messi. Thiago names of their two children (4) and Mateo (15 months). The formal recognition of the social and wait.