Mistakes of bathing in hot summer


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Breath of body and mind and relief from severe heat can give relief to the bath. Not only for cleaning, but also for the benefit of baths, numerous research has been given to bring the energy of life. But according to experts, the bathing should be in the right way. There is no bath only after drinking water. Due to some mistakes, bathing does not bring complete satisfaction. Many things seem normal. But in your absence, they can make the bathing of the comfort uncomfortable comfortably. Here are the stories of those mistakes.

1. Warm water, or normal water?
Depending on season and skin properties, you will choose the type of water for bathing. It is not possible to take bath in hot water in the summer and in hot water. So work should be done with normal temperature water. Even in winter, it is not just hot water, but it also gives a favor to bathing in hot water, Ayurveda Science. First see whether the water has normal temperature. The heat of the tap water is also hot during severe heat. So pour some water. You can see the temperature of normal temperature is coming out.

2. Frequent shampoo changes
There is so much dust in our country that every day to clean hair. The only solution is shampoo. Many shampoos match in the market. The effectiveness of the ingredients used in them vary. Choose a shampoo that suits your hair. Use it regularly. After a few days, shampoo and conditioner change hair will be lost. The shower will also be uncomfortable.

3. The use of excessive shower gel or body wash
To clean the body, more shawl gels should be avoided. The body itself produces oil to maintain the softness of the skin. This system cuts excessive shovel gel or other materials. Many different allergies can also occur. And bathing is not comfortable at all.

4. To remove soap in the towel, remove the soap
Are you one of those people who shed soap soap in toilets? If so, it’s a great mistake. Soap must be thoroughly washed in water. Because no matter how much you want to delete, some parts will be in the body. It will not give you peace even after bathing.

5. Dehydration
After bathing water or towel, water will be removed. But do not sweat them by using force. Gently remove the water. Towels and towels can cause skin irritation. After the bath, you will not get that peace.