Model Ishika in pool with 8 month old baby!

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Young model and actress Isika Khan. He was married to Kaiser on March 28 last year. Immediately after that, on December 19 last year, the first child of the goddess Isoka in London saw the face of light.

And see, his son is more than eight months old. Now the family is filled with love for mother and son.

Her husband Kaiser will arrive in London shortly after London. Then, with Ishika and their son Qian, they will fly in London for a long time.

So he took a little time with his family and son outside the house. A seven-month-old son came down to the swimming pool.

And Ishika now gives time to his son, shooting for only 10 days a month.

Son Kane Arreto will be regular if acting as a regular. Until then, just wanted to stay in the house, this popular face of time.