Model Ishika posted marriage photo after long time

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Young model and actress Isika Khan. Yashika was married to Kaiser on March 28 last year. Immediately after that, on December 19 last year, the first child of the goddess Isoka in London saw the face of light. And see, his son is more than six months old. The love of the mother and son is filled with the family now.

But interestingly, they were yellow on their 30 March, the marriage was held on 1 April and the groom’s ceremony was in April. And that photo was published about one and a half years later. Because those pictures were not found. Many people thought of seeing this picture again, they have a new program! It’s a surprise to say that. Around 100 pictures of their unpublished romantic films were published for the reader.

On the other hand, now she is getting regular but acting regularly. He is shooting for 10 days of his child only for his child. And the rest of the time gave to his child. He played 7 days in the Eid Eid by shooting this 10 days. Already several plays have been promoted. And there are few plays waiting for the promotion. However, he said, he will spend more time if the child is older.