Model Moon: Who was using expensive porsche car

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Model Zakia Moon Although he was a professional doctor, he kept himself busy with the media.
Normally his appearance as a model of different clothes could be seen. Known face on the ramp also And the circle of circus increases in the circle of contact. Zakia Moon, the model of the former Miss Egypt, was introduced by introducing the model. On June 6, 2016, Zakia Moon’s car was seized for illegal use of carnet from Britain, from street parking of Gulshan-1 on June 6, 2016. On Monday, the car was confiscated on behalf of the state. There is a lot of criticism in the social media issue.

Zakia Moon, daughter of Vikrampur, the winner of ‘Miss Aditya Bangladesh – 2012’ competition of international quality fair competition. After winning the title of Miss Unity, Moon also received the award in the same competition as ‘Best Ketwak’ and ‘Best Photogenic’.

She has worked in seven plays and telephilms. Moon wanted to establish himself as a heroine of the film. The first movie titled ‘Metropolis’ was performed by Moon. Shanti Islam was directed by Chattaku Ahmed’s screenplay. In this movie, Muni was accompanied by actor Arefin Shuvo and Super Hero’s Rose Rose. But the picture is not released now.

Before acting in the film, Mun acted in several television dramas. Notable among these plays is’ Back to the Pavilion ‘against Zahid Hassan,’ Baikokal ‘and’ Bakulpur Passenger ‘opposite Toukir Ahmed, opposite’ Shahid ‘and Shahriar Shuvo,’ Smell of Parad Flower ‘, under the direction of Amir Hossain Rony’ Khelaghar ‘Acted in the drama. He played the role of ‘Red Jacket on Trouble’ by SK Khalek Rintu. Moreover, the play titled ‘Truth or Dyer’, ‘Nimgan Prajapati’, ‘Mistek’, ‘Ferrari Mone’, produced by Pacific Multimedia and Communications. ‘

Director General of the Directorate of Customs and Investigation on Monday. Moinul Khan said, “Madel Zakia Mun used to use cars for Tk 3 crore. He gave the government free of tax of about two crore 27 lakh taka. Customs detectives seize the car and send them to customs house commissioner for trial by charging tax evasion allegations against them. The Commissioner expressed the verdict after the trial proceedings given by the Customs Act. ‘

Two other collaborators were also charged for this crime. They are Model Mun’s husband Garment businessman Shafiul Alam Mohsin and the car’s import agent British Afzal Ali. Dr. Mainul said that the case of criminal proceeding against Zakia Moon was being investigated.