Mother drive autorickshaw for son’s education


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In fact, when the fate takes man, it can not be said. Yet we have to live our lives. And they may not understand our current life. In fact, how horrible life is the life of a deadly life How difficult it is to keep constant life. People are living that day by taking the day. They have to prepare themselves in any situation. And whoever survives and survives in a lot of hardship, he is the true warrior. He can make the heart of the minds of the minds of the world all through a lot of trouble in the world.

Yes he is a woman. In the midst of a lot of hardship, he knows how to laugh and smile. There are very few women who know how to run rickshaws or run on our delta. A woman in Bangladesh’s commercial capital Chittagong was found to be found by Facebook. She carries the cost of her child by running auto rickshaws. His son will take SSC exam for the next year. Autorickshaw has chosen this woman to spend her son’s life and to live her life. Influenced by his brave words, the most popular social networking media of the day posted on Facebook on Facebook by photographing two young people of Chittagong, Sheikh Ishtiaq and Atul the women. Which is now converted to viral. They wrote in their own post,

‘He runs the rickshaw. Most women in our society are involved in various types of crime due to lack of money because our society (especially men) I realized the matter today. From Chittagong to New Market, Dewanhat is in the rickshaw, my younger brother Atul with me. I saw a woman running a rickshaw, I got involved in the intersting with her rickshaw. One of his sons will be given SSC exam this time. It is very good that a woman is living in a decent way without being involved in alms and criminal activity.

This time, in the original words, at the time of the arrival of Dewanhat from New Market, even if a woman rickshaws at 10-15 people, she was running rickshaw, showing offensive sentences and laughing very badly. And the Chachi, Oakhla, the women used to rickshaw (boredom) and rickshaw was disturbed. He did not respond to any objectionable comment. Again, if we go to protest, then he says, ‘Yes, father.’ Many women in our educated society, who are engaged in anti-social activities, when a woman goes to earn honestly, there are many types of obstacles. ??

However, one day, this aunt will be a very big man, and his son will be able to do something very much like this. I learned a thing from this aunty, who will ridicule you, leave without a protest, leave a nice duck, and he will get the answer one day. “