Naila Nayem sharing banned video on fb page!

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Naila Naeem A name of the time discussed and criticized. Tire does not even tire so much in his modeling career, but her tone is in the open. And the tide is rolling in her media carrier Although not very much seen in her open-cast drama or movie, social media Facebook is in his open dress picture.

These pictures of his fans are not less. A picture or a video sharing is a good response. For this reason, he has been earning money by publishing videos, information and photos of various individuals and organizations on his Facebook Verifier page for the past two years.
Earning from the popular medium but the identity of intelligence. But the name of earning money is currently being uploaded to pornographic videos from Nayeem’s Facebook. It is also uploading videos that have been cut or banned from film or music videos.

There are currently 27 million followers in his Facebook page. Who are constantly following her.

She could not have posted some public awareness and raise awareness among his followers. But he did not do that.

Rather than paying for money or Niva, how can she upload pornographic video to so many millions of people? Now this is the question of social media on Facebook.

For the past several days he is going to upload banned videos. The videos they are uploading, but most of them have been cut off from the censor board. Uploading that video is not he guilty? Or is it just right to upload such video?

But we hope she’ll be back soon.