Natural Body Polish Massage at Home


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Your whole body is covered with skin and this has to be taken good care of, so that your body looks young. The dead skin and oil forms a cover on your skin and body polishing is removing these cells and oiliness from your skin. Polishing keeps your body firm and supple with moisturizing ingredients. This process also helps to remove damage caused by sun exposure and adds pure oxygen to your body that helps it to look healthier.

Home remedies start with the face

You can use home remedies to polish your skin. Some ingredients that you must have for this session are

olive oil,
pumice stone,
sugar body scrub or
Some exfoliating kit.

You can start with your face. Moisten the face with warm water and use exfoliate that you have. Rub on your face in a gentle and smooth circular motion. You must check if you have acne or not. If you have acne or any other breakouts on your face then you should use a facial peel for softening the skin. Then start the polishing process.

Polishing the body

You must moisten the body too before you start polishing. Moisten the body by using warm water in a bath tub. Use the steam to reach your body and soften it. Then you can start using the olive oil and smear it on your body. Wait for some 10 – 15 minutes and then go for the sugar scrub. Use a cloth to apply the scrub on your body and use circular motions for application. You must apply some extra lubricant on your knees, elbows and heels before you use the pumice stone to exfoliate these areas. Vaseline or coconut oil will be better for these areas.

Use the warm water to clean your body and rub the body with your hands or a soft sponge for removing the residue of the scrub. Do not rub hard with your hands or with any towel. Pat the skin dry after cleaning it with water. The dry skin will be soft for the olive oil on the skin. So it is good to keep the oil on your skin for better effects. You can use this polishing of the skin two times in a week. The skin glows and become flawlessly smooth after a few weeks time.

Polish with Sugar scrub and apple

Dry sugar cubes to exfoliate the skin naturally

The surface impurities that you have on your face and body can be sticky and hard to remove. Apples are good for exfoliating your body and the sugar has got granules that help in removing the cells that adds to the dullness of the skin. Using apple with sugar can be a best body polishing combination for you. Apple has got vitamin A and vitamin C that are good for healthy look of your skin. Take these ingredients as mentioned:

Brown sugar – 4 table spoon
Granules of sugar – 3 spoonful
Granulated cinnamon – 1 tablespoon
Apple puree or apple formed in pulp – 2 tablespoon

Mix these into a thick paste and keep it ready. Take a dip in some hot water so that the body pores are open and soft. Apply the mixture with sure and circular motion all over your body. Make sure the knees, heels and elbows are given extra layer of mixture for the rough surface. Then wash the body with a loofah and then pat the body dry. Do not rub off the oily feel. Apply some good moisturizer for better penetration into the skin. This polish is also going to help you get a softer skin all over the body.

You must polish your body once in a month for best results. Use some moisturizer or non greasy oil after polishing the body. Never use the scrub at a particular area with extra pressure for it can get ugly marks or wounds. The oily mixture of the polishing scrub must be prepared with care and make sure you make enough for applying all over your body. Be sure not to slip on the mixture as it contains oil and avoid the broken or wounded areas. Polishing your body will soon bring a glow on your body that you can be proud of.