Natural remedy for preventing heart attack after 30


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Do you eat more fried foods? The continued indiscriminate drinking and smoking. The office is to wake up in the middle of the night? Well, this article is written for you. If you continue to unhealthy lifestyles because of the cholesterol, then another from a heart attack, stroke, and increases the risk of fatal disease. If you do not want to die so young, so keep an eye on this article at least once.

Increased levels of bad cholesterol in the body begin to accumulate in the arteries. For this reason, if you can not reach the heart, just like the blood increases the risk of heart attack. not only that. Obesity due to uncontrolled cholesterol, stroke, blood pressure, etc., are likely to be affected.

Do you want to keep yourself away from these fatal diseases? This article discusses the domestic drug consumption from the start.

1. Coriander: Half Cup
2. Honey 1 teaspoon

Multiple studies have proven that regular exercise if you look at the domestic medicine can be given with meals and stay away from junk food, then began to decline rapidly cholesterol. In fact, coriander leaves plenty of fiber and vitamin C, which is very useful in reducing cholesterol levels. On the other side of the antioxidant properties of honey. It also plays an important role in the body to keep cholesterol levels normal.

Drug preparing methods

1. Take amount blendare coriander and water.
II. Be sure to blend well built into wealth.
3. Mix the honey.
4. Mix the two ingredients well.
5. Breakfast for two consecutive months, after a few days you will see playing this mix has become absolutely normal cholesterol levels.