New born baby walking! Video viral on social media

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What can be done after child birth in human society? If you ask such questions, almost all of them will get the same answer. The eyes of the newborn do not bloom. What else is possible without tears! At this time, the eyes of the people have become so accustomed to the new ones. But what happened now, doctors can not say anything except ‘Mirakal’.

Just as soon as the earth is born, this child can walk! Is this also possible? It is difficult to believe in your eyes! But the video spread to social media is giving evidence. The video was recorded after delivery at the hospital bed. Whereas it looks like the nurses are moving forward in the footsteps of the nurse, she is going ahead. This fact is confusing all information in science. Because the newborn bone is very soft, it takes months to straighten his neck. The question of whether the hands, feet and bones are soft, does not arise. Generally, children can not walk barely two and a half to three years ago. And at the very end of the birth there are such signs that experts have put such a mark. The video is not clear, it is still not clear. However, the Wonder Child trunk factory has just become viral in the social media.

The TV screen is often made with fun new ads. It is shown that when the child is born, the smartphone of a doctor is sometimes started, and once again he started talking. Those things are imagined, but the spectators enjoy it well. But is it real or in the past? Who knows Many of the netizens have written jokingly, after the birth of 4G, the baby is growing rapidly after birth. Many people are calling the new born ‘special’ as God’s wonderful name.