New Secret of Saif & Karishma






Kareena’s sister Karisma Kapoor title while the news came out. Timur aunt has a picture of a storm on social networks.

but why?
Kareena Kapoor’s new guest house, Timur. Taimurake debated since the birth of the son. Why was the name of the son, the question of the storm. Kareena has been speculation about the child.

Kareena is now also feeling the popularity of new-born Timur ahead. Kareena’s sister Karisma Kapoor title while the news came out. Timur aunt has a picture of a storm on social networks. Karismara bhaktakula two and two make four has started.

What did you suddenly charisma post pictures? They said the news of Saif and Kareena room for new guests. Then, with his hand on the shoulder instead by Timur stylish aunt posted an Instagram picture. Happy to share the news with Saif al-Islam had posted photos karisma. The films, causes social site. Fans began to comment on the film immediately after posting. Dab the dialogue between them and Anita dipasake eyes and raise everyone! The real truth is the two word out. He is writing dipasera Instagram profile television producers. Anita has written nothing but coconut profile. He did not want to introduce yourself. The powers of the film was posted to the dipasa wrote, karismara see his left hand. And married?

Photo, charisma anamikaya ring hanging from his left hand. And all of this has created antii question. Anita dipasa and feel, Karisma was married. But marriage is with whom? Sandeep tosanioyalera knows the country has with the Commonwealth. What if the two were married? Karisma ‘ring phingare’ means the setai ring charisma and is married to Sandeep. But the two have been married, but he has not been seen in any news media. What are two of the speculation. Tinsel town patalei ear heard, Sanjay Kapoor, Karisma Kapoor and Sandeep tosanioyalera In love with the divorce. To be heard, or the pair spend the night under the same roof! Sandeep bandraya recently bought a new flat. And this gives rise to all the gossip buying flat. There is also, and Sandeep karisma Christmas holiday vacation to Singapore. They will return again in the new year. Which is true, however, it is not possible to say. However, no smoke without fire, some of it is true!