Nirob feared in driving along with new born daughter

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A few days ago, the girl’s father was popular model-actor Nirob. Expressed enthusiasm over the social media. This time he said, to be nervous.

Nirob said, taking the girl herself from the hospital herself and returning home. And for the first time driving this car became quite nervous.

On Facebook posted a photo on Saturday silent. He wrote in the caption, “The first time I started driving myself on the road, is she afraid!

It seems like I was driving the first drive. Because today the young man (daughter) got into my car. That feeling.
In the evening on December 26, 2014, a lot of silent women married in the evening, the model-filmmaker was silent. His wife Kasafia Taher Chowdhury Riddhi. On May 23, Cuban Suomena Suhayma Hussain Yuaiyanah came to her bosom.