Nusrat Faria speaks about her dance in Boss-2

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A song titled ‘Allah Meherban’ of ‘Boss 2’, jointly produced, was released on Youtube on Friday. The controversial filmmaker Nusrat Faria, who had fallen in love with the Sufiana-style song, was seen in the face of severe criticism of dirty clothes.

Since the release of the song, there is a storm of criticism in social media. Many people share the picture with the picture and comment on the ‘Allah Mehrban’ song be dropped from the picture! Again, the movie has attracted the attention of the film censor board to exclude the song from ‘Boss 2’.

Critics say, ‘Allah Meharban’ in the song Nusrat Fariya, red, green and black in the colorful dress and the body of the show and showing the name of Allah with the face of the eye. Many such people are asking questions about the choirografi of this type of song and the film’s producer and director. In the beginning of Ramadan, many people are seeing different issues of such songs.

Meanwhile, in this context, Nusrat Faria said, ‘What will I say? What is my wish or not? I did not do the song’s picturization. I’ve performed only And Gantatoy was not given to YouTube on the day of Ramadan. Ramadan has been uploaded two days ago.