Once popular Bollywood actress left alone at hospital


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Once upon a time Bollywood actress Gita Kapoor walked out of this year’s actress Gita Kapoor. In the movie like ‘Pakija’, starring Raj Kumar starred in the role of wife. There are about 100 films in Bollywood. But today his address is a private hospital in Mumbai. There is no money for treatment, no returning shelter. And his son is responsible for this situation of the actress. To leave her mother behind in the hospital, whose conscience was not so stingy.

Gita has been hospitalized in the same way for a month. The boy Raja Kapoor admitted him to the hospital. The physical condition was pretty bad actress. The doctors asked to deposit some money in advance for the treatment. The boy went out of the hospital after taking the money from the ATM to withdraw it from the ATM.

He has not been found since then. The hospital authorities tried to contact Geetadabir’s daughter Pooja. But no response was received. Hospital doctors started compulsory treatment of veteran actress. Because his condition was not good at all.

To be a little better, Gitadabi openly said everything. How did the son-in-law oppress him on the day after day? He was forced to go to old age again and again. Bearded for this. It was allowed to be eaten once in four days. Day after day was kept in the house. When the body of an old actress could not cope with the torture of so much torture, then she was forced to take her to the hospital. But not to heal her mother, take her responsibility away from her shoulder and run away.

Doctors of the hospital said that the king had called himself a military officer. Later, they came to know about the whole incident from Gitadevi. Cbfc member Ashok Pandit and producer Ramesh Turani came forward to help the elderly actress to get knowledge of the matter. Both of them meet the hospital bill amounting to half a million. At present, a very good actress. The pain of the body has diminished, but the wounds of the mind are still scurrying. Which may not be renewed any day.