One pack for all hair problem solution






How do we do to get beautiful hair. But the hair is not the end of problems. So, how do such tritamentai. I do not have to worry about us. Pyakei solve the problems of all kinds of hair is a hair, then why worry?

Hair pack say that today, the all-rounder for a short hair hair pack. This pack will reduce hair fall, dandruff away, and make hair strong and black, will help increase hair growth and hair to remove lice.


(1) hibiscus flowers and leaves

5 Red is the color of the hibiscus flower and leaves 15 will be required. Note hibiscus leaves and flowers are so fresh. Hibiscus flowers and leaves of amino acids, vitamin A and C are. Which will help make our hair thick and black. Ruhma it will work better for the hair.

(Ii) Aloe

It will take a medium-size fresh Aloe leaves. If you are not fresh leaves Aloe gel can be used with any brand. The 9% or 98% Aloe Aloe extract rich extract enriched skin Nature Republic of Cafe Aloe gel is used parenaayalobherate bhitaminai saini make our hair.

(3) Curry leaves

The smell of curry leaves are used for cooking. This shop workers will receive. Curry leaves are very good for hair. Vita because carotene, and contains the amino acid. Which helps to reduce hair fall.

(4) Pepper Mint Essential Oil

Pepper Mint Essential Oil would drapasa 5-6. This oil is made from the leaves of mint or basil. The oil omega three fatty acids, iron, magnesium, calcium, vitamin A and C are. Hair, which increases blood circulation, increases hair growth, removes dandruff and lice.

How to Create

– First, that fresh Aloe has spines on both sides, the two sides should be cut with a knife. It will take a few pieces of Aloe. If you use 1 tablespoon Aloe Aloe gel to gel.

– Hibiscus flower paparigulo will take off and chop the leaves must be large.

– Aloe, curry leaves, hibiscus leaves and flowers must be blended together blendare. If you want to add a little water to get. After the blend will create a thick paste.

– Essential oil peppermints drapasa 5-6 in the paste should be mixed.

– Drug addiction, hair pack made for use!

Now it’s time to use all-rounder hair pack

Take this hand, and two hours after the whole hair pack, hair shampoo, please. Do not use the pack once a week.

I learned of this, all types of hair is a hair pack troubleshooter. Hopefully it will be possible to solve all the problems of regular use your hair.