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The first condition of being beautiful and attractive all the time is that the skin is irritated. But it is not very easy to keep skin clean and clean, because most of us have to stay outside for work. And only if the face is not stain, beauty is not perfect. We also need to take care of our hands and feet as well as face. Many times we can not see the color of the hands feet with our mouth. Especially in the sun, there is a scarf of brown and black black on your feet. Besides, it is not very convenient to wear a hand ring or bracelet to keep a little bit of a hinge on your fingers. Many fingers are seen in the knot, ankles and nails in black tint. There is no alternative to natural care. To get rid of all these problems, we can adopt some methods of sitting at home. It costs less as well and less time with it. So today we will discuss some methods of removing black stain of hands feet.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is not comparable to remove black stains on your toes. In this case, come out from the front and wash the hands well with water. Then cut a lemon into it and rub it well with the peas and rub it well. Now, after 20 to 25 minutes, wash with cold water.

Take a lemon chip and mix one spoon of sugar with it. After this, wait 15 minutes after folding your fingers. After that, rub with the hot hot water. This will work as a natural scab for your hands feet.

Mix half a lemon juice with 1 teaspoon honey and make paste. Now wait 30 minutes for this paste with black tint and fingers. After 30 minutes wash the kusum with hot water. It will help to remove the scars of your hands.
Rice powder and watermelon juice

Blend a few pieces of watermelon and mix 1 tablespoon rice powder with it. Take it 15 minutes before bathing. Then gently rub it with your hand.

Papaya and peanut paste

Blend a ripe papaya well and mix 2 spoons of water. Since the skin of the hands and feet is more harder than the skin, it is necessary to rub the scalp well. Take it before bathing and wash your feet with cold water.
Yellow powder

There is no alternative to reducing stains. First, add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice to one spoon of turmeric powder and paste it. After this, wait 30 minutes with your fingers on your fingers. After 30 minutes, wash the hands with lemon juice and wash your hands with cold water. It is also possible to remove the black spots on your hands and stretch the skin further.

Aloe vera jail

Cut out an aloe vera and get out of jail. Now wash your hands and feet by holding hands and feet in the affected area for 40 minutes. This will make your hands a lot taut and smooth.

Finally, the beauty of the skin is the real beauty of man So taking care of hands and feet is very important. Because, on the skin of hands and feet, people develop a healthy taste and personality.