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From the first day of birth to six months of age, the baby must be breastfed. Breast milk is enough for the physical and mental development and development of the baby. Apart from breast milk, after six months, the child needs to start extra food. There are several rules required to prepare these foods. In addition to excess food, rice powder can be given first. If there is no problem with the child, then gradually start eating khichuri from the curry.

First meal
Baby khichuri can be made with rice, pulses and oil first. Slowly add vegetables to it. Soft vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, papaya etc. can be given to children before one year. Gradually, feeding fish and meat can be started in the children who are tired.

Fish, poultry meat, poultry soup, pulse water, etc., can be given without the need for protein intensities. In this case, it will certainly not be possible to eat extra milk as well as breast milk, which is the biggest source of protein in the baby.

Usually soft sesame seeds, ripe mango and orange juice can be given in the fruit. However, it is not okay to add excessive fruits or many fruits together. In this case it is better to feed another fruit by accustomed to one result.

It is not okay to give extra sugar in any way to the baby’s diet. There is considerable caution in respect of sesame, spices and oil. Eating clean and fresh fresh food does not hamper the health of the child.
The food will usually be fed to the child three hours apart. If you use a bowl of spoon for feeding, the size of the food will be fine. Usually, each meal can be kept between 100 and 120 mL.

However, this matter will depend on the child’s current weight and physical condition. Along with food, the habit of drinking water to ensure good health. Feeding food to children, feeding food with joy, feeding the children is not right.